“This is my first attempt at helping my low back pain with a pain management center.  I have been more than pleased with my care and my improved condition.  I recently decided to try an epidural steroid shot for the first time and not only was the procedure practically painless but it has helped my pain symptoms immensely...Thank you so much!  Everyone here on staff from reception to nurses, PA's, to doctors have been excellent, knowledgeable and friendly."

          Kelly K.

“My husband and I have been coming to Virginia Brain and Spine Center for about 5 years...During this period of time, we've been under Brian Lapp, Dr. Poss, and Dr. Chadduck's care.  All 3 providers have been caring, sympathetic, attentive, and have provided the most professional care over anyone we've seen...It is because of these 3 providers that we can enjoy life...Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

          Carmen M.

“I can walk without my cane!  Great office staff, doctors, and nurses.  This is the best decision I EVER made!”

          Brenda Z.

“I have had an awesome experience with the staff here.  Everyone from the receptionist, nurse, x-ray tech, doctor, and everyone involved with my care here has done an excellent job.”    

          Karen M.

“If I had to refer any doctors in the whole world it would be the team at the Virginia Brain and Spine Center.”

         Victoria M.

"Excellent-from being able to do very little for myself to the place I'm at now-almost normal with everything-what can I say other than thanks."

         Thornton R.

"I was referred to Dr. Poss.  He's given me my life back.  I love gardening, feeding birds, and art;  thanks to Dr. Poss I can do these things again."

         Barbara D.

"I had thought my life was over due to my injury.  They gave me my life back.  I am now a better person, father and husband.  I can be productive with my job.  The staff is rated at the top, very professional.  They made me feel like family."

         Thomas S.

"It is difficult to find a specialist that is in touch with the average Joe, like me.  And to find one who trusts my judgement is even more difficult.  Hats off to Dr. Poss-Thank you!"

          James C.

"Dr. Ashcraft did a wonderful job on my first injection.  He was very polite and straight forward.  He answered all my questions and all the people here gave their best efforts to make me comfortable."

          Robert A.

"Excellent office staff.  All my needs were taken care of very efficiently.  They were a pleasure to work with.  Dr. Schopick was wonderful and also very professional and pleasant.  I will highly recommend this office staff and Dr. Schopick."

          Brenda E.

"I sincerely thank Dr. Selznick for his care to me.  On May 14 I was taken to the Winchester Medical Center Emergency Room.  I could not walk because of a damaged spinal cord.  Thank God, Dr. Lee Selznick was the on-call neurosurgeon.  Dr. Selznick performed surgery on my back on May 16 to repair the disk causing the problem as well as some other spinal issues.  It is now August 22 and I can walk without any cane, walker, etc.  I also went to the golf practice range to hit a few balls.  Thank you Dr. Selznick for giving me my normal life again."

          Neil R.

"After suffering constant left shoulder pain for 13 months...I obtained a referral to Dr. Schopick.  He recommended an anterior diskectomy and fusion...My post-op recovery was completely pain free and I have had no pain episodes since the surgery.  My most sincere thanks to Dr. Schopick and his most courteous support staff."

          Larry H.

​​​Neurological Surgery and Interventional Pain Management • 540.450.0072 • 1818 Amherst Street, Winchester, VA 22601


“...Since my 1st visit with Dr. Chadduck in January, then with Dr. Poss, Brian Lapp, and all the staff on both floors, I've been treated with utter care and respect.  This is the hallmark of excellent medical care.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

          Barbara L.

“I am a patient of Dr. Poss and Brian Lapp.  I've had many epidural injections over the years and now am being treated for Chronic DJD with severe pain.  Never in my entire life have I been treated with such professionalism, compassion, and true concern for my well being.  My wife and I love coming to your office because the staff is such a great group of people and so friendly and warm.  My husband had to come for an epidural injection on his birthday and Tiffany, one of the very wonderful front office staff, baked him a birthday cupcake and one for me too!!  We were so touched by this action of love.  We could never put into words how much we love coming there and knowing we both are in the best hands ever.  Thanks to each and every one of you!!”

          Roy and Susan K.

“I wish every medical center/doctors office operated as politely and efficiently as Virginia Brain and Spine.  The courtesy and compassion of Dr. Ashcraft (when one is in terrible pain) [is] very comforting...I recommend him to others and will continue to do so”

          Cheryl C.

“I have been seeing Brian Lapp for 3 years now.  He has been my savior. Excellent patient care since day one.”

         Sharlen F.

“I love coming here, you all are so kind and good."

         Brenda P.

“Thank you, thank you, how wonderful to be pain free!”

         Mary D.

“Excellent compassionate care from physicians and thoughtful, professional attention from all staff.  Both my husband and myself have received care from this center and would willingly recommend.”

         Frances O.

"I am a former patient of Dr. Lee Selznick from 2 years ago.  I had a brain aneurysm and he did my surgery.  I wanted to thank him again for saving my life and you all for the wonderful care in the office."

         Melinda M.

"We are very pleased with the prompt and courteous service given by your staff and doctors.  We have always been treated with the utmost consideration and care by Virginia Brain & Spine Center.  In our opinion, you are the best!  Thank you all so very much."

         Charles & Lula W.

"I wish to personally thank you, Dr. Poss, for providing me with the highest standard of care available using state-of-the-art equipment; and for the high level of professionalism exhibited by the staff at the Virginia Brain & Spine Center."

          Max B.